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About the Collective

We are a collective of students, staff, faculty from across the University of California system pushing for caste abolition in, and beyond, the UC system. As scholars, activists, and community organizers, we have been organizing for years across different campuses pushing the UC system to address caste and caste discrimination. More recently, we shifted our focus to advocate for the addition of caste given the system-wide anti-discrimination policy revision that is underway. However, despite our years of advocacy, caste was still not included in the revised draft. 


With the UC system continuously falling short on its commitment to caste oppressed students, staff, and faculty, we have now formalized as a Collective to fill in the gaps in designing an anti-caste infrastructure. Through building system-wide, state-wide, national, and international coalitions, we remain committed to using both education and advocacy to mobilize together towards caste abolition. 

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March 2023

March 2023

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